Charlie Seager

Age: 26

Questions and Answers

I have always had a passion for sport from a young age. Playing cricket, football and rugby for my local clubs I threw myself in to the club culture and got involved as much as I could. After volunteering at my local cricket club, I learnt how fulfilling it was working with natural turf creating the best possible surface for people to play on. I realised this is the profession I wanted to follow.
Initially I started off with voluntary work at my local cricket club. My first professional role is the one I’m in now, spending two years part time at Rugby School, I applied for a full-time position when the chance arrived and I have not looked back since.
I have undertaken my PA1/PA6 Assessment for the safe handling and application of pesticides, also a number of health and safety, and safe guarding training courses.
I’m about to start the level 3 technical diploma in turf surface management, run by the IOG. Looking to the future I hope to do any qualification involved with turf management. Education is a key part of professional development, and necessary to keep up with the industry and create new ideas.
Using turf care equipment and working within a team to maintain all sports surfaces at Rugby School.
We have no off season. External use of our facilities combined with our variety of curricular sports means the seasons roll in to one. Pursuing the best possible surfaces for everyone throughout the year is extremely challenging but is what makes the job so fulfilling.
Preparing the close is extremely rewarding because of its history. However, working within the dedicated and fun team we have at Rugby is rewarding day to day.
Five years! Corrr let’s get this year done first. Hopefully with a few more qualifications under my belt, but as long as I’m still in the industry I’m sure I’ll be happy.
Two individuals specifically one being a gentleman called Rob Field. He shared my passion for voluntary work at my local cricket club and inspired me to follow the profession. James Mead my current head groundsman is someone else I admire, he’s taught me a lot within the industry and how key professionalism is. The people I most admire within the industry are those volunteers across the country who help at all levels to produce sports surfaces.
I’m new to the role so what I enjoy now is meeting people with the same enthusiasm for our industry. What I’m excited for is the prospect of opening this industry to others. Promoting our industry and making it accessible for anyone.
I love sport. I play cricket and rugby. If I’m not playing sport or watching it I’m either writing my next pub quiz or seeing some live music.