Optimise pitch playability with a one day course

What is involved within this course?
The key subjects – assessment, sequencing of work and aeration to mowing, aeration and line marking, plus more – are studied through a progressive one-day IOG Learning course. With delivery from an industry expert, experience an educational hands-on training day featuring a productive presentation, plus turf care theory and practical working demonstrations. In addition, you will also receive a Certificate of Attendance. (Food and drink are provided). 

What does the course content cover?
Some of the key subjects:
• Definition and Assessment of surface
• Sequence of annual maintenance
• Mowing, scarification, verticutting, harrowing
• Irrigation and seeding
• Fertiliser application and top dressing

Why should I participate in this course?
Ideal for the volunteer, new employee or just as a refresher for established employees, this learning route will support and develop skills involved in maintaining or managing a winter sports pitch (football and rugby). Develop your skills and knowledge with the latest best practices, and explore the requirements you need to meet in order to optimise your playing surface. This course is worth 5 CPD points / 5 CPD hours. 

What can I do after this course? 
To further build on the IOG route, enhance your learning by taking your next step with our Level 2 Winter Pitches: Applied Turf Culture. An additional option, with further study, is to undertake the Level 2 IOG Technical Certificate in Turf Surface Maintenance – to possibly provide an initial formal qualification in turf maintenance. This qualification is ideal for those who wish to further develop their understanding of technical aspects of turf maintenance. No practical work is involved with this qualification.

What is the cost of the course?
Non-members pay: £330.00 (inc VAT) 
IOG members pay: £179.00 (inc VAT) 

Booking prices

Level 1 Winter Pitches: In Season

Non members: £330.00

Members: £179.00

Date: 13/02/2019 (All day)

Location: Hayle FC, Cornwall , Cornwall

Unlimited slots available