The IOG Annual General Meeting 2017





Come and see the official home of England’s training base at St Georges Park Free of charge!

All you have to do -  sign up to the AGM today!


First the formal bit!

Members are hereby invited to the AGM, which this year takes place in the Howard Wilkinson Suite at The Hilton Hotel, St George's Park, Burton upon Trent, DE13 9PD at 12:00noon on Wednesday 20 September 2017.

Please find below the agenda and proxy voting forms for the meeting.

We have a couple of simple rules. First, because the AGM has formal tasks and responsibilties, affecting the IOG’s policies and strategy, and finances, any member who wishes to raise a question from the floor needs to submit his or her question to at least 24 hours before the meeting starts; for Chair consideration on its inclusion. This is so that we can be sure that issues and questions raised at the AGM, and the answers to be given by the Chair, CEO or Board, have been properly considered.

Second, only voting members are allowed to table questions and vote on any resolutions.  How do you know if you are a voting member?  If you are in either of the member categories below, then you are able to ask questions and vote.

Individuals (excluding those with Student Status, Under-16 Status and/or Domestic Status and/or Organisational Staff Membership Status)

Associate Members shall have one vote exercisable by a nominated representative -  this category includes Organisation/Facility Memberships:- Education, Grassroots, Local Authority, Professional Organisation, Professional Sports Club, Public Amenity, Estates, Independent School.

Can you still attend the AGM if you are not in one of the above categories?

Yes, if you are in any of the member categories listed below you are entitled to attend the AGM, but you are not entitled to table questions or vote.

Corporate Plus

Individuals with Student Status, Under-16 Status and/or Domestic Status and/or Organisational Staff Membership Status.


Now the social bit !

The AGM will be followed by a buffet lunch, plus a tour of St Georges Park, at 2pm, which lasts approximately 1 hour.

Note - the site does limit the numbers for each tour therefore places will be subject to availability so please register yourself for the AGM and/or tour as soon as possible. 

How to sign up

If you're an IOG member and would like to attend this year’s AGM, please register immediately with our head office - phone 01908 312511, or email

We hope to see you there. Plenty is happening, lots to talk about, and it’s a great opportunity to engage, network and hear more about the IOG.


Yours truly,




Annual General Meeting Agenda

Institute of Groundsmanship – 2017 AGM Agenda

                   AT   The Hilton Hotel, St George’s Park, Burton upon Trent

                                                         12:00 noon

                                    ON   Wednesday 20 September 2017

1  Opening -  by IOG Chair, David Teasdale

2  Apologies received

3  Briefing on Voting details

4  Minutes of the 2016 AGM  -  for AGM to agree and note

5  Resolution 1   To ask the auditor Ruth Stepney to introduce the statement of accounts and balance sheet; and to ask the meeting formally to approve the accounts

6  Resolution 2   To ask the meeting to approve the auditors for the ensuing year.

7  Update from the CEO

8  Any other business

Proxy Voting Forms

Complete either Form A, or Form B 

Please note that only paid-up individual members, other than student members, and appointed representatives of paid-up Associate Members are eligible to vote, either in person or by proxy at the AGM.

Proxy Form A

If you cannot attend the AGM but would like to specify the way in which your Proxy vote is used, you must appoint the Independent Chairman as your Proxy in order to formally record your voting wishes. In order to do this you must complete Parts 1 and 2 of the form. If you do not complete Part 2 the Independent Chairman will vote on your behalf as he thinks fit. To download and view Proxy Form A click here.

Proxy Form B 

This form allows you to give your vote to someone who will be in attendance on the day at the AGM and vote as they believe is best for the Institute and its members. To download and view Proxy Form B click here

For and on behalf of the Board of the IOG and in accordance with our current articles and bye-laws in relation to the nomination and ballot for Director positions.

This September the opportunity exists to join the IOG Board and represent the sectors outlined below. For the positions of Director for Local Authority and Director for Professional Sport we have both a new candidate standing as well as an existing Board member who is standing for re-election. For the position of Director for Voluntary Sport we have an open vacancy. If you are interested in applying for a Directorship of the IOG you must follow the protocols outlined here. Should we receive no further nominations the named candidates will be duly elected at the forthcoming AGM.


Standing for election for the position of Sector Director for Local Authority:

Kimiyo Rickett

Kimiyo is currently based in Alsager, Cheshire. She has worked for various Local Authorities since 1985, including a number of senior positions. Most recently as Assistant Director - Communities & Leisure with Kirklees Metropolitan Council.

Kimiyo has a history and affinity with the role of Groundsmanship and the need to better promote and profile the service provided by frontline staff and to support IOG career development and opportunity.

Kimiyo was a volunteer for British Blind Sport from 1983 until 2004. She attended the Atlanta Paralympics and was UK Athletics Team Manager for the Athens Paralympics in 2004.

Kimiyo has gained a wide range of experience within cultural and leisure services including - policy and strategy development; sports development; health; new facility development and facility management; performance management and service improvement; business planning; marketing, consultation and research; equality and diversity.

Kimiyo has a BSc (Econ) from University College London and an MSc in Recreation Management from Loughborough University.

Kimiyo has previously held positions with the following organisations – Chief Leisure Officers Association (CLOA)  Executive; Sport England Regional Sports Board, West Midlands; Football Foundation Grass Roots Panel; Sport England Nominated Director of Manchester Leisure Trust; Sport England Equity Sub-Group; Advisor to the LGA on Sport; Sport England Lottery Awards Panel; Sport England Race Equality Advisory; Sport England Disability Advisory Group.


Standing for re-election for post of Director for Professional Sport

Dave Roberts Liverpool FC

Dave has been in the industry since leaving school, below is a snapshot of his career:

He was Educated at Rodbaston, Staffordshire College of Agriculture and did his City and Guilds phase 1 and 2 and a National Certificate in Horticulture (NCH). Dave did a YOPS scheme at Staffordshire County Council where he was taken on as a Groundsman/Gardener he has also worked as a self-employed Landscape Gardener, and worked for Hampshire County Council as a Groundsman.

During his early career Dave worked for Tonrin Contractors where he remained for seven years working his way up to a Supervisor role looking after Military of Defence (MOD) sites in the South of England. This was a varied role including pitch renovations.

Dave was then fortunate to be offered a job at Southampton FC as a groundsman at the Dell where he remained for 13 years being promoted to Grounds Manager and seeing the club move to St Marys as well as doubling the size of the training ground.

He left to work at Charterhouse School as Grounds Manager for 9 years to look after the 250 acre estate including the gardens, golf course, woodlands and sports pitches. During this time Dave was asked to join the board of the IOG

Since joining the IOG Board he was approached by Liverpool FC to attend an interview as Grounds Manager where he currently works looking after Anfield, Melwood and the Academy.

Dave has also been involved in judging of grass roots football pitches for over 9 years for the FA’s Groundsman of the year, as well as being involved in the Pitch improvement programme. He has also run winter pitch training courses for the IOG.

Dave says "my life has revolved around groundsmanship and I feel that my various experiences in different aspects of the industry gives me a good balance as a director of the IOG. The IOG has changed over the last few years and will continue to evolve to represent its members. I feel that my current position enables me to see where some of the issues at the top of the industry are but also being involved in judging of grass roots pitches makes me aware of some of the pressures that the volunteer groundsman is under. I would like to continue to contribute and help steer the IOG as it moves forward."


Vacancy opportunity for position of Volunteer Director

Background required knowledge of the amateur sports club sector, either experience and qualifications in sports turf management, club committee structures, links and activity working with sports Governing bodies ability to influence and create a positive experience for participants and belief in producing great surfaces in a sector with limited resources.


Nomination Forms are available to Voting Members from Head Office via telephone (01908 312511) or an email request to or from your Branch Secretary or Regional Secretary.

Nominations close on Tuesday 22nd August 2017.